Monday, 21 July 2014


“People love talking, and I have never been a huge talker. I carry on an inner monologue, but the words often don’t reach my lips.”

— Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

This quote floated across my Tumblr dashboard one day and I couldn't help but think about it for a long time afterwards. 

I can be quite an introverted person - I'm nervous around new people and can get anxious in loud situations. Blogging, though, is different. When I blog, I can be confident and spill out my inner monologue. My blog is like a diary where I can be open with my thoughts, and I really love that.

This is the first post on my brand new lifestyle blog. It's currently summer and I want to make the most out of it, so I've started this blog in order to document everything I get up to.

I've also begun to express myself through photography, and I can't wait to explore that on this blog.

{ An introduction }

My name is Lucy and I'm a teenager from England. I love reading and writing and being lazy. I've been blogging for over two years now at, where I ramble on about books and other random things.
I'm a guinea pig breeder (at this moment in time I own 36 guinea pigs...) and dog lover. 
I'm a major procrastinator and daydreamer, and you'll either find me typing away on my laptop or voraciously reading a book.
I'm really bad at introductions, which is why this one is rather terrible, and so I'm just going to let you get to know me through this blog.

Lucy x
Images by Freepik